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7 Rules to FOLLOW while using a PUBLIC WIFI in Singapore

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Wi-Fi is used by wireless local area networking with electronic devices that are based on the IEEE 802.11 benchmark. Devices that are compatible with Wi-Fi technology are personal computers, Smartphones, video games, digital cameras, modern printers, etc. Wi-Fi congruent devices can have access to the internet through a wireless access point and a WLAN. Public Wi-Fi or open Wi-Fi is made available to the public at almost every public place; you may find it at places like airports, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, etc. It has become an essential part of our lives. Wi-Fi poses security issues for the ones who use it without having any security agent or technology to protect their devices. One should always keep in mind What Not to do on open Wi-Fi to protect their electronic devices from threats. Things that one should avoid doing while using a public or open Wi-Fi are as follows:

1.    Access Personal Accounts

One should always avoid accessing bank accounts, or personally sensitive data that can be put to harm due to the unsecured status of the open Wifi, one should always keep in mind that even secured networks are sometimes risky for accessing such sensitive data.

2.    Leave personal devices unattended

One should always be sure of not leaving their laptops, Smartphones, tablets or any electronic device unattended. Leaving your devices attended is subject to risk; doing such a thing on the secured network is also risky for your devices.

3.    Shop online

One is always suggested not to buy online while using the public Wi-Fi. Shopping doesn’t come across as a dangerous activity, but while shopping online, one requires putting in the bank details and logging into retailers’ account, which is certainly a sensitive business. One should never indulge in online shopping while using an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

4.    Avoid using bad network

The Wi-Fi network that is available to you in public places, such as the airport, bus stops, malls, etc. are comparatively more risky, than the ones that are provided to you by the restaurants, coffee shops, stores, etc. So, avoid using such networks that are made available to you as a “free such and such Wi-Fi” because they have poor connections and a higher level of risks.

5.    Turning on the file sharing option

While using a public or open network you cannot control on what network you are using it, but you can always protect your electronic devices from any threats. Whichever device you are using, you must make sure to avoid turning on the file sharing option, because that helps you to protect your devices from being attacked by harmful viruses.

6.    Turning your Wi-Fi on when not using it

When you are not using the internet, you should always switch their Wi-Fi option off, keeping your device logged into the open Wi-Fi is highly risky for your device when you are not using it, because doing that makes it piercingly prone to harmful activities like hacking, etc.

7.    Non-secured sites

While using an open Wi-Fi network, you should make sure that you should avoid using non-secured sites, as it allows someone with technical knowledge to peep into your technical data and details without you having any inkling of it.

These were some of the things that you must avoid doing while using an open Wi-Fi.

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