The Singaporean Government announced the SkillsFuture program in the budget with an aim to provide skillful training to Singaporeans Citizens aged above 25 years for better future and economy. The program is said to provide credit in the individual’s account for up to $500. The courses listed in the programs will all be government-approved programs.

Specialty of SkillsFuture

In layman language, SkillsFuture is Government sponsored free money for your skillful study. Your universities only cover modules which are pre-decided and published in the books but imagine if they can make you learn module which actually helps you in your job? There comes SkillsFuture as your savior. SkillsFuture covers around more than 12000 different courses which you can choose and learn from your credit. These certified courses by Government help saving every Singaporean their educational cost.

Online Learning  from SkillsFuture

There may be some citizens who would want to take advantage of the course but could not. Then do not worry, Government has made arrangements for Online learning of these courses for such citizens. Online providers like Udemy and Coursera are among biggest international training providers.

Out of so many courses, we list some of the best courses you might consider to take:-

Banking and Finance Course

CFA level 1 Course – Udemy

SkillsFuture offers the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course which is considered to be among most prestigious degree all around the world. But it is the difficult degree to obtain and there are not many CFAs having a job at higher management scale. CFA Entry level 1 course is covered under SkillsFuture Scheme which costs you around $421.

Start-up courses

WordPress For E-Commerce Store using WooCommerce – Tertiary

WordPress E-Commerce Guide – Udemy

Learning to build IOS and Android Apps, Websites and Games – Udemy

If you are the one who wanted to start your own business or create an app/website and even have a great idea for the same but does not know how to proceed, then your problem will be solved by the Website Design, Building apps and websites courses by SkillsFuture. These courses will help you learn each and every detail on creating a website and how to run it. In all, these courses by Udemy would cost you just around $102 and $298 by Tertiary meaning you are left with enough balance to take another course as well.

Beginner and experienced workers

Excel Formulas made easy – Learn more than 100 Formulas – Udemy

A Beginner’s and intermediate guide to VBA programming – Udemy

Excel2007/2010/2013 VBA (Macro) programming – Intellisoft

Microsoft Excel is one such tool which is heavily used by a finance expert, engineer, HR, and all other departments. If you are freshly pass out or even working in the industry for quite a time and have difficulty on working with excel, then  VBA programming and Excel formulas course by Udemy and Intellisoft would prove much helpful. With these, you would be able to create macros which would increase your job productivity. The course by Udemy would cost around $15-$34 per course while classroom course by Intellisoft costs around$650-$780.

Graduation and Master Degree Courses

Bachelor of Science (Nursing) – Tertiary

Bachelor of Laws – Udemy

There are myriad of courses available for post graduation including courses from MBA, Architecture, HR and many more which are offered by the National University of Singapore, Singapore management University and Nanyang technological University. The bachelor degree courses are offered by National Institute of Education, Singapore Institute of Management along with the above-stated master degree Universities. These all courses costs more than thousands of money but you can still use your SkillsFuture Credit in it.

What next?

Letting you know some of the options regarding the courses offered by the Government in your SkillsFuture credit, we believe this will make you register to at least one of them today itself. If you think the article can be helpful to any of your near and dear ones, share with them as well!

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