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Dance Classes in Singapore

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The Dance Classes held in Singapore are for students of age from 7 years to teenage ones. Fivelines.asia conduct pre professional contemporary dance classes, beginners classes as well as master classes for the undergraduates. Our studio is located in Singapore from where you can learn dance lessons.

The dance class lessons are led by professional dancers. These artists ensure that the focus of each dance class conducted for people equals to their dancing passion with creativity and innovation imbibed in it.

Weekly Dance Classes in Singapore

Fivelines dance classes are held weekly in Singapore with all types of students wanting to learn beginners contemporary art form, regular dance performances and innovative dancing with as young as 7 years old.

Information regarding our fee is mentioned on the administrative page with term fees taken in advance. There are also two fee structures where one is term payment and second is weekly payment.

Schedule of the dance classes in Singapore

5L Junior Dance classes for age 7 and above

For young children who have interest in dancing, we bring them a contemporary dance class in our studio in Singapore.  Young boys and girls having interest in acrobatics and creative dancing gel with like minded students.

Every week the 7 year plus students would be nurtured in a dancing environment with all creative possibilities in dance forms like Parkour needing upper body strength and practicing each day for the term schedule performances for their parents and friends.

Thursday 4:30-6:30.

5L Contemporary Dance classes for age 13 and above

Our dance company always encourages young talent and motivates them to further enhance their dancing skills prior to their admission in full-time dance education and personal development in dance training. Those young children can master the art of dance with our 5L dance classes on every Monday making their future bright in dancing by performing in Universities across Europe and Singapore every year. We have mentored several students in UK and Spain who have successfully completed their training and are in touch continuously even after they leave for Singapore for further training.

Monday:- 5:15- 6:45 P.M

Dance Lab beginners contemporary classes for 18 and above

Dance Lab is the open contemporary dance class where everyone who is interested in polishing their contemporary dance choreography with creativity is encouraged. There need not to have any prior experience of dancing for this class. It is an open class where the dance steps are tailored to be at the beginner level, easy for all type of students to learn. Along with dancing, we take students on a beautiful journey of creativity, fitness and core exercises to make their body strong.

Wednesday:- 7:00-8:00 P.M

The dance classes in Singapore are provided with an aim to support ongoing school activities with setting a curriculum for each student. In last 2 years,  our dance classes have been involved with various Local as well as International schools and Universities of Singapore choreographing with A level, IGCSE, IB and Diploma level students.

To make dance accessible to all the students of age and teachers we have collaborated with schools training the teachers, enriching the school curriculum with creative and imaginative contemporary dance classes.

Dance Instructor Singapore

A floor work technique dance master provides the classes in Singapore named Ezekiel Oliveira who has been teaching dance for several years. Apart from being a dance trainer, he is a choreographer, Dance writer on the contemporary dancing in his blog and a creative producer as well.

contemporary dancer

Ezekiel is an active dance community member who has his time schedule divided into judging dance performances, interviewing the dance choreographers from local companies or international artists who visit Singapore, promoting Contemporary dance performance and teach dance across Singapore.

Ezekiel has partnered with various famous choreographers like Balbir Singh, Fleur Darkin, Stephen Koplowitz and Hofesh Schechter. Very recently Ezekiel had choreographed a mega event Skin and HazeSingapore in cooperation with Maya Dance theatre group. He associated with Maya Dance Theatre in 2016 and also choreographed their event VENT. Ezekiel is a lecturer at NAFA from 2015 and trains students in Contact improvisation, Upper Body skills and Laban Movement analyses.

In the year 2016 in April, Ezekiel was a guest Choreographer at ONWARDS by Lee Foundation Theatre in collaboration with NAFA Dance faculty.  ONWARDS is presented on the subject of Hope, a visual essay wherein dancers express various ways of Hope forming emotional connect and abstract movements to be the common language for audiences to understand.

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