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Guest blogging for SGDirectory.com is a great opportunity to gain exposure for your own website/blog! You will be fully acknowledged for your post with your author bio and link to your website/blog mentioned at the bottom of the post

If you would like to submit a guest post for my blog, please read the criteria for submission below:


Blogging Criteria:

– At least over 500 words

– The post needs to be exclusive for my blog and not published anywhere else on the web.

– The content should be on its own and not part of a content series on your blog.

– There should be at least one photo for the post. Please give clear instructions on where the photos should be placed in the content.

– Please submit your author bio, twitter handle and URL to your website/blog

– Feel free to use a keyword backlink to your own website.

– Proof-read and spell checked work.

– Provide factual information that is backed by a credible source. Yes, this is beginning to sound like a college essay but it’s important that the info you speak of is accounted for.
Contribute only helpful content with a casual and friendly tone-of-voice. If you can achieve being “casual” without being overly unprofessional, you’re a perfect fit.
Ensure that all media files are of high quality and resolution. There’s nothing more off-putting than bad visuals!


What’s Totally Unacceptable
They include content that’s:

  • Promotional
  • Offensive
  • Factually inaccurate
  • Spammy/ ripped-off

Guest posts should be on a topic that is on either Food, Travel, Social Media or Lifestyle. Please take some time to read through my blog post so that you can write something relevant to blog about.

I believe everyone has their own writing style, I don’t mind if you cover a topic that I’ve already written about as we each have our own perspective on the topic, varying knowledge and writing skills.

Also, please feel free to respond to any comments that are left on your guest post!

Submit to:

If you have an interesting content that meets the guidelines above, you can send it to me via email at … We will generally reply within 24 to 48 hours.

We reserved the final decision rights on publishing the guest post.


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