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Things to know when hiring a PLUMBER in Singapore

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Plumbing is one of the most common jobs associated with the regular house maintenance. However choosing the right contractor or Singapore plumber to carry out the job is the most challenging part, since it deals with tweaking one of the sensitive arrangements in a house. Certain facts should be taken into consideration before selecting a plumber to carry out the necessary maintenance works in your house.


The following are certain facts that would definitely be helpful for finding the perfect plumber for the maintenance works in your house:


All the plumbers are generally licensed under the Governing body to ensure that all the maintenance works that they carry out are fit to pass any type of inspection tests. The common notion is that all of them have one, but that is generally not the fact. Rather an investigative approach at the start would be a lot more helpful than repenting for faulty works in the future.

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All the plumbers after being consulted come on a visit to check out on the problem. The inspection generally follows the production of a quotation by the plumber which includes the labour costs, material costs and other additional costs. However it is advisable to ensure that the quotation cost covers all the costs and no additional charges need to be incurred for the work to be done. As the work progresses, the charges generally increase. So it is advisable to go for a plumber who quotes a final price for the job to be done.


The plumbers might charge on an hourly basis or a flat rate depending on their pre-set criteria. One should confirm about the pricing basis before the start of the work and ask for an estimate of the costs. Generally a flat rate should be preferred since there is no guarantee on the duration of the job.

The money can be paid in different ways as demanded by the plumber. Some would ask for a complete payment before the start of the work, some would demand a timely payment depending on the work completion status and some would demand the payments to be made at certain time intervals. The 100 percent upfront payment is not at all desirable while the payment after achieving certain milestones in the work would be the optimum choice.


Gain awareness regarding the experience level and the qualifications of the work force who are assigned to undertake the job. This would help to ensure that the job is in safe hands. Also get to know their terms of work like would the labourers clean up the mess after the work and does it require some extra price to be paid.


The plumbers generally provide a guarantee on their work. The guarantee should be obtained in a written format so that the probable problems would be fixed without any hassle.


The above mentioned check list would help to ensure that the plumbing job is assigned to the best contractor. Having done the initial step of selecting the best workforce, one can definitely rely on them for providing the best work.

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