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Top 5 Eyebrow Embroidery Shops in Singapore

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Eyebrows are a distinct feature to one’s face. A person’s face without eyebrows will look incomplete and blunt. Many mothers all over the globe will have the habit of drawing eyebrows with pencils to their offspring when they are infants. This habit of shaping the eyebrows when you are a kid will contribute to the shape of your eyebrows when you are grown up.

But, everybody is not gifted with beautiful, long and dense eyebrows. Some people may have a very good shape but they will lack density and some will lack shape but boast good density. Though you can enhance the shape and density of your eyebrows with the help of eyebrow pencils, it would not look so authentic and natural.

In order to make your eyebrows appear more natural and beautiful, a new technique called Eyebrow Embroidery is being employed all over the world. Eyebrow embroidery is a process in which a desired shape of eyebrow can be achieved by giving fine-strokes to the skin using a sterile knife with the desired colour. Though the embroidery is not permanent it will last for about two years and it is being done for both men and women.

Let us have a look at the top 5 eyebrow embroidery providing shops in Singapore,


Milly’s Singapore is a salon that boasts trained beauticians who are dedicated to serve their customers. The parlour offers 6D eyebrow embroidery services and eyelash extension along with many other services. They charge an amount of $559 for 6D Brow and $409 for Gradient Brow.

Location: Far East Plaza, Suntec City, JEM, Bugis Cube, and Plaza Singapura.

Brow Art Studio

Brow Art Studio is one of the leading and most sought salons in Singapore. The salon is known for its beautiful ambiance and hospitality. The salon is specialized in selecting the best eyebrow shape for your face and also for your lifestyle. Brow Art Studio charges $1200 for eyebrow services and one must ensure a booking on their website prior visit.

Location: 112 Katong East Coast Road.

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist offers a wide range of eyebrow services to their customers. They employ Korean NanoTech Eyebrow Embroidery method with skilled technicians. One can become a Prestige VVIP customer to enjoy more benefits awarded by the salon which is listed on their official website. They also host an online booking platform which helps their customer to schedule their visit. Eyebrow Embroidery charges here ranges from $288 to $2,888.

Location: Pacific Plaza, Suntec City, and The Domain @ Siglap.


Highbrow provide their customers the service of semi-permanent eyeliner embroidery which lasts for one or two years. They can also help you get the shape of the eyebrows your favourite KDrama celebrities sport. The price range from $688 to $1176 and right now they are offering a 50% discount for Premium Bow and Lash services.

Location: The Star Vista, Capitol Piazza, and Parkway Parade.

Jez Brows

Jez Brows host certified beauticians who excel in serving their customers with what they need. The salon provides Signature 6D Eyebrow Embroidery along with lip embroidery and facial services. They charge $409 for Signature 6D eyebrow embroidery with 1 free touch up. Visit their website to know more about their services and pricing.

Location: The Clift, 21 McCallum Street, #01-10, Singapore 069047 (Opposite Amoy Street Food Centre)

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